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Our Why

At LogiQ, our mission is to help our customers innovate confidently.

Technology is needlessly complicated, and we are here to change that.

Compounding on the challenges problem are the almost infinite number of variables on how technology can be deployed and configured. Not to mention that "vendor X" will not play nice with "vendor Y"

We do this by fundamentally changing the way technologists work by simplifying technology.

This increases employee morale and reduces ticket volumes, incident response SLAs and downtime.


Not only can you now provide a higher level of service to your customers, but your team is gaining additional time in the day, are less stressed and able to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating activities for your business.

Our Why

The Platform

The Platform
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NULL is phase one of our product roadmap and acts like a colleague who sits in the corner getting things done.

NULL leverages a mix of Machine Learning, computer vision and generative AI.


Its job is to help your team resolve issues once and for all.


Currently, NULL is in beta for our early adopters; you can ask NULL to tell you how to fix issues that pop up or have it build you a Powershell or bash script to do what you need.


NULL has a long and exciting roadmap, and we are excited to watch its capabilities grow to help you and your team with all kinds of tasks.



FUSE builds upon NULL's ML/AI & Vision capabilities.


It allows you to connect to all the environments you and your team support and gives you a single-pane-of-glass to monitor and manage everything and automate simple and highly difficult tasks.

FUSE is 100% agnostic and will support Every cloud, hypervisor, container engine, repo and network.

Moreover, we are building a comprehensive and open API to make integration seamless as new 3rd party products come to market.

Fuse leverages the advanced capabilities of NULL to inspect every environment you manage in real-time to filter out the noise, identify themes, and bring them to your attention with a resolution already created.

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The most exciting is yet to come!

OVERLAY will provide a level of integration and simplification never seen before.

But we don't want to give too much away right now, but rest assured that all roads lead here.


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